Our Close Protection services: Professional, efficient, reliable and tailor-made to suit our clients needs.

Scorpion Protection International Ltd offers professional and reliable services in the specialist security sector, each operation is tailored to suit your specific circumstances and requirements. It goes without saying that this includes a detailed consultation and the highest levels of discretion and integrity. You can depend on our professional experience to find the right solution for you –  confidently, efficiently and without complication.

Bodyguard / PPO

A Bodyguard or Prinicpal Protection Officer will directly protect you from harm and unwanted attention. Ensuring your safety and security while you go about your normal every day business. This officer remains with you and remains directly responsible for your safety and security, they will not normally stand down until you are at a secure location.

Close Protection Team

When the requirement is for more than a single operator, our teams are highly experienced and prepared to provide your comprehensive, complete security cover. Teams will travel by foot and in whatever mode of transport you decide to take. they will guard against unwanted attention, possible attack or kidnap or undesirable contact. 

Residential Security Team & Asset Protection

A consistent presence at your residence and or place of work. Detering issues and ensuring ongoing safety of our clients and their assets. Our residential team officers control perimeters and interiors as well as access and egress. We will accompany you when purchasing valuable assets and ensure their ongoing safety and security.

Close Protection Security Drivers

A Scorpion CP Driver will plan your routes and ensure your travel is seemless and comfortable. We run vehicle checks and daily maintenance routines, ensring the vehicle is fit and ready for purpose. You can rest assure that your safety and security remains our highest priorty

Security Consultancy

Our Qualified, highly experienced senior operational team provide upto date, effective professional security consultancy. We are meticulous in our approach providing our clients with the most effective security solution to meet their budgetary and specific safety requirements

VIP & HNW Events

Scorpion Protection International are able to arrange and deploy officers to your event, ensuring the safety and security of our clients, their guests and the venue. We provide you with the confidence that you are able to enjoy your event without the safety concerns associated with the political and terrorist threats around the World that can have an impact on our normal daily lives. With Scorpion operatives on site we remove this worry, planning for and responding to any given situation. .

Bands Tour Security

With a wealth of experience at protecting artists around the world we have the right operatives to not only physically protect our principals but to protect their media image and provide positive PR. Professional, discrete and highly capable, this is what seperates Scorpion operatives from others. If your image matters to you as much as your safety then please contact us today.

Securing High Profile Press and Media Events

When you have a high profile Press or Media event our professional highly experienced Scorpion Operators can ensure your event runs smoothly, removing the risk and maintaining essential safety. Discretion, appearance and professional conduct are key, we will represent your event in the best possible way providing you with the peace of mind and confidence you require..

Surveillance / Investigation

At your request and engagement we can carry out legal surveillance and investigation on the following grounds;



IInsurance claims

IIllegal activity

Adult / Child recovery

We provide full reports, along with photographic and video evidence (where available). We will only report on fact.


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. please contact us today for a no obligation quote or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.



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