Hostile Environment Awareness Training and Leadership Training

Our HEAT packages have been developed from our experience of designing, developing and delivering the UK Defense wide acclaimed 'Gold Standard' pre-deployment training package for Iraq, Afghanistan and Global Hotspots. 

We have trained and deployed personnel to some of the most hostile environments in the world. 

We understand the importance of Safety, Security and Resilience as the guiding principles to our training deliverables. 

H.E.A.T – Hostile Environment Awareness Training.

[Corporate, Media, NGO and Charities]

We understand the complexities of developing the most appropriate and effective training packages for specific roles and organizations. Whilst we work with a core syllabus we work with clients to ensure that their training is fit for purpose.  Moreover, we monitor developing events, situations and TTP's in order that we can make appropriate adjustments to training packages. 

We have split our packages down in order that you can gauge the most appropriate package for your organization.  

We understand the importance of ensuring that training is fit for your organization.  All our training is bespoke and tailored to your needs.

All our courses can be bolstered for really challenging environments.


"Leadership and the Leadership Ethic of organizations and individuals is a hotly debated topic for which there is no one answer. Leadership, Teamwork and Associated Skills need to be nurtured and developed in all areas of an organization to harness the capabilities of all personnel.  

​Investing in your most precious resource and training with us will pay dividends downstream in output and productivity whilst generating an environment that enables freedom of thought and action whilst maintaining a unity of effort.     

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others"

—Jack Welch - CEO General Electric

What is it all about?

Our training has evolved to suit the needs of individuals and organizations looking to enhance and develop their individual and team leadership and management needs. We aim to provide an alternative learning experience in order that delegates can maximize their potential and explore a different leadership environment. 


Developed from many years of leadership and management experience gained in the British Armed Forces our trainers and mentors are selected for both their operational, professional and training expertise. All remain active members of the UK's Military and Reserve Forces.

Our mantra is 'bring the inside, out'. We believe that whilst the theory of Leadership and Teamwork can be taught its application must be practiced and understood. Our training facilitates theory and practical application delivering a dynamic and 'safe' learning environment from which delegates can explore their skills and capabilities.

Our Offer

We offer many different training avenues and venues based upon the individual and organizations requirements. Training ranges from public workshops, in-house training tailored to meet your processes and procedures and bespoke courses to meet any specific need.

Our Leadership Training is designed to enable delegates to explore and develop their leadership and potential in a 'safe' and dynamic environment. Utilizing our experience of leading, developing and training multinational capabilities we underpin our training with real world experience and examples.  Our highly-experienced instructors and mentors provide 

in depth support throughout. 

Leadership and Management Training

Leadership Programmes

We work with our clients to develop the right leadership package to meet the needs of their current and future leaders. Training is highly flexible, adaptable and capable of being delivered in a wide variety of settings and locations. Our aim is combine theory with practical application. Contact us to discuss your needs.




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