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Take advantage of our vast experience and our professional and reliable approach. Scorpion Protection International Ltd will help you by designing and delivering the bespoke Protective security package to meet your requirements. We strongly believe in listening to our clientelle and advising them accordingly, delivering your bespoke service by agreement.

How we evolved

Scorpion derived from a few well trained and highly experienced operators, trainers and managers who decided that the industry was missing a high end, quality bespoke provision who would take the time and care to ensure their clientelle recieved the very highest standards of professional service whilst maintaining a very competative pricing structure. we recruited from those we have worked with and who understand the need to go the extra mile, ensuring not only the safety and security of our clientelle but also enhancing their confidence, image and normality. Allowing them to go about their every day regime without fear or reservation.


Our close bond and professional partnership with FREEROCK UK futher enhance our capabilities and exposure to a hugely diverse and varied market who have a very real requirement for the services we are able to provide.


We have established operational and training offices in Guinea, South Africa and Namibia with exceptional partners managing local operations who are committed to delivering a World class service to our Global clientelle, placing the Scorpion Group amongst the very top of true Global Security Operations. Excellent standards are the very key to our success, we pride ourselves on doing the job the right way, every time. 


We have been responsible for maintaining normality and secuity for a wide variety of HNW individuals, Executives, Celebrities, Media and Engineering Personnel, Vessels and Yaughts, Politicians and for those who have been placed on a witness protection scheme by the MOJ. proving our value, versitility and adaptability to provide a solution in varying climates and situations.


Are Scorpion the best in the professional security market place?


We leave that to our clients to decide, we are not in to self proclamation or boasting, we're simply here to get the job done. Meeting your needs and requirements whilst upholding our exceptionally high standards are the keys to our continued success.

Delivering a World Class Service, Why we are good at what we do!

Well for a start we don't haggle or cut corners, your safety and protection is our primary concern. If we can't meet your expectation we will not agree to take on the job.

We will always operate within the laws of the host country to ensure your protection and reputation is not compromised.


We don't over complicate, we don't draw out the process, we make protection a natural concept, workable, adaptable and ever evolving to allow for change.


We live and breathe our roles day in and day out, we remain comitted to ensuring the safety and integrity of our clients, making you our prime priority. We're not into glory, self importance or portrayal of being super heros, we are highly motivated, well trained, experienced professionals who would like nothing more that to prove our value to our clients.


Please feel free to contact us  today for a no obligaton confidential discussion and free quotation. 


We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Contact Us

UK Head Office

Europa Business Park



Tel: +44(0)7572 466938 24hr

Tel: +44(0)7572 924446 24hr

Tel  +44(0)1603 927050 (office hrs)



South Africa Office

48 Paarden Eiland Road

Paarden Eiland

Cape Town

South Africa 7420

Tel: +27 84927 2244 24hr

Tel: +27 63114 2586 (office hrs)


Guinea Office

Dixinn Liberty

Guinea Conakry

West Africa

Tel: +27(0)6298 47790 24hrs

Tel: +224(0)622 105077 (office hrs)


Namibia Office

PO Box 2092


Sam Nujoma Avenue 24

Tel +264 812 700429 24hr

Tel +264 812 341802 (office hrs)

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