Our management team

Scorpion Protection International Ltd (SPI) consists of a diverse team of highly competent, committed and experienced personnel. Allow us to introduce you to some of our key management team members.

Lee Sherratt - S.A.C. Dip Investigation, Advanced Project Planning, Advanced Business Law, Advanced Security Management, CMS

Group Managing Director


Specialist areas of Expertise

Close Protection / PSD Operations, Security Consultancy, Professional Investigation & Surveillance, Firearms, Witness Protection & Healthcare Sector Professional Training and Security Operations / Consultancy, Event Management


Main Qualifications

  • Advanced Project Management
  • Advanced Business Law
  • Advanced Security Management
  • Professional Investigation
  • Close Protection Officer & International Instructor
  • Conflict Management Instructor
  • Physical Intervention Instructor
  • Control & Restraint / Handcuffing Instructor
  • PMA Instructor Healthcare Sector / Consultant Security Measures
  • Land based and Maritime Operations Firearms Competent / Instructor
  • UK Firearms Certificate, Range Conducting Officer 

Lee comes from a UK Government and Private Security Industry background, he possesses a vast amount of knowledge along with an extensive array of Security Industry experiences. He continues to and has fulfilled roles as PPO to various Royal Family members, Celebrities, Politicians and HNW individuals as well as managing security at International Televised Sporting Events and iconic venues such as Wembley, Olympia, Cardiff Arms Park to name but a few. He has personally overseen high profile witness protection, HNW Close Protection and surveillance operations and has worked as a member of the PSD (armed protection teams) overseas. As well as being the figure head and CEO for Scorpion, Lee continues to operate and teach, imparting his knowledge & experiences upon others helping to guide them along their chosen career path. His business experience includes holding previous senior and Director positions including CEO, MD and Operations Director of other established International security industry companies as well as experience at working at senior levels within the leisure & hotels sector.


In 2012 Lee was assigned as the principal counter terror trainer for the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. His extensive knowledge and delivery earned him a futher role (working alongside Neil), as security operations manager for the duration of the games where he was responsible for the Main ODA Hub at Greenway. He personally managed the Counter Terror CP team alongside Neil who were assigned along with the contingent of 200 security personnel on site, ensuring safe access and egress to and from the Olympic park for thousands of visitors, military and police personnel.


In 2015 Lee's services were requested to Consult / Advise and partake in the filming of the Modern-Day Security Butler in preparation for Amazon TV pilot series.


Lee's family motto is "Hostis honori invidia - Envy is the enemy to honor", we will not aspire to be like others. "by keeping it real and delivering a world class service to our clientele we will achieve repeat business and the quality reputation we deserve, securing our future and continuing to do what we do best - providing professional protection and security services"..


Contact number

+44(0)7572 466938 Mobile Answerphone 24hrs

+44(0)1603 927050 Office




Neil Reader 1961 - 2019
Executive Director






Neil served 16 years in the British Army before joining the Home Office. He was one of the two co-founders of Scorpion and ISTQ. His shared vision was to be the best we could be, no short cuts, no dissapointed clients.


Neil will without doubt be missed, but will never be forgotten.

James Vincent
Operations Director


Speciality areas of expertise

Close Protection Operations, Witness Protection, Investigations and Surveillance


Main Qualifications


  • Close Protection Operative
  • PMA Certificated
  • Handcuff and Control & Restraint Certificated
  • Maritime and Land based Operations Firearms Competent
  • FPOSi tier 2 medic
  • UK Firearms Certificate Holder,
  • Range Conducting Officer
  • Professional Investigation
  • International Accreditation for Delivering Teaching
  • Delivering Conflict Management Training
  • Delivering International Close Protection

James Joined the Royal Navy as a marine engineer and served onboard HMS Gloucester 

In October 1996 moved across to the Army posted to 17 Port and maritime Regt onboard HMAV Ardennes a heavy vehicle landing craft, whilst serving in the Army he was introduced to rugby he represented his regiment for several years as a second row and was involved in many cup wins and tours...


in April 2001 James joined the Police Force and began his investigative career. Upon leaving the Police he worked for British American Tobacco as a security officer. When I completed my Close Protection course in Norwich in 2012. I was recruited by another frontline company and then made the natural transition across into S.P.I.


As a Close Protection Operator James has successfully carried out many and varied tasks including surveillance, witness protection, security driving and VIP events, protection of staff and patients against highly aggressive and violent individuals at an NHS facility in Suffolk along with armed protection as a PSD officer overseas. 


James holds a UK Firearms license and regularly attends a rifle club where his skills as a certificated RCO are applied as well as undertaking the annual personal weapons assessment for land based and maritime operations.


JV is proficient in firearms, close quarter combat, handcuffing and is a tier 2 medic.


JV is integral to the daily ongoing operation of S.P.I and he is happy to take your call on the number below.


Contact Number

+44(0)7572 924446 Mobile 24hrs

+44(0)1603 927050 Office




Andre Fouche

Managing Director - Scorpion Protection International Africa


Speciality areas of expertise

Ships Captain, Ship Security Officer, Conflict Management Instructor, Master Mariner, Close Protection Officer, HND Maritime Studies, ND Marine Surveying, Underwater Mine Warfare, Anti-poaching


Andre originates from a Naval background serving for 6 years in the South African Navy as a Combat Officer and Diver. His extensive experience witin both the South African armed forces and Government services have placed Andre in an excellent position with a well deserved reputation as a leading security professional in his field. As well as being an established Close Protection Operative, Andre will be heading up all African Operations including; Maritime operations, Anti-piracy and Ships Security in the Southern Hemisphere and Close Protection & Guarding Services in the African continent.


Andre is one of the Worlds leading authorities on Maritime Protection.


Contact Number:

+27 84927 2244 (mobile)

+27 63114 2586 (office)




Lieutenant Colonel James M

Associate Director Scorpion Group


Speciality areas of expertise

CBRN, HEAT, Business contingency planning, Project Management, Force Protection, Leadership


Retiring as a Senior Royal Air Force Regiment officer, James, has a strong background in Leadership, Training, Critical and Strategic Asset Protection, Operational Planning, Command and Control, Force Protection, Pre-deployment Training, Risk Analysis and Counter Specialist Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) mitigation and planning.


James’ final appointment, in the Royal Air Force, was as the Chief of Staff of the Defence CBRN Wing and Deputy Component Commander of the Combined Joint Multi National CBRN Task Force (CJ-MN-CBRN-TF) for NATO Reaction Force 13. Throughout his career, James, has served in many locations across the globe supporting and defending strategic air and ground assets mitigating against tactical incursions that could have far reaching strategic and political impact. He has also supported the UK Government’s initiatives support to partner nations delivering operational planning, counter-terror, counter MANPAD advice, command and control procedures advice and training to numerous civilian airports, ports and other critical assets.


James is a Principal Consultant coordinating a multi-disciplinary Land, Aviation, CBRN and High Risk consultancy.  He maintains his operational military knowledge and experience serving as a Lieutenant Colonel within the UK’s Army Reserve with 6 Regiment Army Air Corps.


"Our CBRN Specialists have combined the experience, capabilities and skills of the former Commander and Deputy Commander of the Combined Joint Multi National CBRN Task Force (CJ-MN-CBRN-TF) for NATO Reaction Force 13 and the UK's Defense CBRN Wing. In addition to consolidating the expertise of key operational and training staffs from UK and NATO Tier 1 CBRN Communities. Their combined experience, capabilities and skills provide an agile and highly capable consultancy base delivering strategic advice, planning, leadership and capability development alongside tactical and specialist training, courses and mentoring throughout the CBRN spectrum”.


James is also responsible for leading the H.E.A.T programmes prior to operational deployment to hostile locations, Leadership courses, Anti-Drone capability and Corporate Business contingency planning.


Contact Number:

+44(0)7852 922214




Pashenka (Pash) B

Team Leader


Specialty areas of expertise

Executive HNW Close Protection Operations, Surveillance, Investigation - evidence gathering, Cyber Security, Teaching and Applied medical aid


Main Qualifications


Close Protection Officer (licensed UK)

Education and Training

EC Council Ethical Hacking and Counter Measures

Computer Engineering

Dip Science

First Aid Instructor


Pash decided some time ago that if he was to invest in a future career outside of the military and Police he would do it properly and with a reputable company.

He came to us following highly decorated military and police service to be trained with our training partner ISTQ.

Pash quickly proved himself to be someone who could improvise, adapt and overcome. He has worked closely and learned from our Directors and has now proven himself to be a valued asset to the Scorpion team.

Pash, serves our clientelle in the UK and Overseas and is currently PPO at an ongoing contract to a UHNW client.






Andrew R

Team Leader


Specialty areas of expertise

Executive HNW Close Protection Operations, Surveillance, Maritime Operations, Teaching and Applied medical aid


Following a succeeful 10 year stint in the UK military and having completed 2 overseas operational tours, Andy now turns his experiences & expertise to the professional private security industry. 


Andy has completed and passed the SIA regulated Close Protection course with ISTQ as well as MOD NCO cadre. He possesse a great deal of man management, organisational and leadership qualities which benefit both Scoprion and our clients.


A keen martial artist, boxer and professional operator help give Andy the confidence and acumen required as a Scorpion Operative.






Richard M

Team Leader


Specialty areas of expertise:

Healthcare CPO specialist, Close Protection Operations


Rick is a valued long serving, loyal member of the Scorpion Team.

Rick has earned his reputation as being a healthcare CPO specialist through his committed time spent working with mentally and physically challenging subjects, maintaining safety whilst encouraging a positive outcome.


Rick leads a team of very talentented CPO's who strive to ensure a safer place for their subjects and for those they come into contact with.







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