Legal and Professional Support Services

Scorpion Protection International Ltd offers professional and reliable services in the legal support and film and television sectors, each of them tailored to suit your specific circumstances. It goes without saying that this includes a detailed consultation. You can depend on our professional experience to find the right solution for you –  confidently, quickly and without complication.

Surveillance and Investigation

In an era when theft and fraud are wrife, we provide the piece of mind and support to protect your business, assets and reputation. We will undertake legitimate tasks to aid businesses, law firms and individuals who are seeking professional documented means of evidence, which are profesionally reported and documented. Our services have been engaged for cases such as matrimonial, corporate theft / fraud, instances of crime and anti-social behaviour, stalking and as a deterrant  - counter surveillance for HNW clientelle 

Witness Protection

Our witness protection programme can only be engaged via the MOJ and certified law firms in the UK.

We can arrange for safe houses, transport to and from court appearances and locations, protection of the witness on a 24/7 basis for the duration of the task

Process Serving

We are often required to process serve on behalf of solicitors and the courts.

We carry out this function with professonalism and integrity, ensuring the official paperwork is served upon the correct individual in the proper format.

Our officers will provide a signed statement of delivery (serving notice) and inform the local police if required to do so.

We are approached for proocess serving on a National basis and to almost any location.

We can also assist with evidence gathering, person location and surveillance

Security Consultancy

With a wealth of security experience and qualifications to match we are often engaged to consult on client’s specific requirements. This could be due to a threat, intelligence lead information, an attempt on the principal’s life or abduction or it could be due to a change in circumstances. Whatever the reason we can review, assess and make recommendations to your current security provision.


In some cases, our services have been engaged to satisfy Corporate policy, Insurance stipulations or to satisfy the client that their current provision is adequate.


We only provide professional feedback and concise reports along with our recommendations. If you would like us to implement any changes / enhancements we can gladly arrange this for you at an effective / competitive price.


Typical requests for Security Consultancy have come from; Utilities Providers, Government Agencies, Domestic and International Corporations, Media and Aid Agencies, HNW Individuals, Celebrities and Overseas Construction Companies.


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us  or use our contact form.



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