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Scorpion Protection International Ltd can offer armed officers where required and legally permissible on a worldwide basis. Our officers are highly trained and experienced and must complete updated firearm competencies prior to deployment. Every armed service enquiry will be strictly vetted to ensure legitimacy.

PSD - Personal Security Detail, armed officers

Where there is a legal requirement for armed protection we can provide some of the most experienced and highly regarded personnel within the professional security industry. Our officers are highly skilled and trained and provide an essential security blanket around their assigned principal

Maritime Security

Both commercial and leisure craft have suffered the effects of piracy predominently off the coasts of Africa and Asia. An armed maritime protection detail can help to secure your journy through hostile waters minimising the risk of kidnap, theft and possible loss of life

Force Protection Officers

Our legitimate specialist operators provide secure protected landing zones and FOB's for Government and Official channel use only in areas of extreme hostility.

CBRN - chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear

Our team of highly acclaimed industry specialists provide full CBRN capability cover and training on a Global basis. We will fully vet and assess all enquiries relating to this service before discussing any detail

Valuable Asset and Gems Protection

We can provide protection for mine shipments, sellers transfer and escort and static asset protection of your valuable Gems, Gold, Art work an other comodities. Our personnel are professional, well trained, eexperienced and highly capable. We provide you with the piece of mind that your valuable assets are well protected at all times

Hostage Negotiation and Recovery

Across parts of the African continent hostge taking and ransom demands are wrife. Our specially trained operatives who stem from various backgrounds including the South African Special Task Force and Unit 19 are able to quickly establish and open dialogue with the hostage takers and to attempt a negotiated conclusion. If this fails and as a last resort we have specialist teams that are able to physically engage the hostage takers using the minimum force required to force a recovery..


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