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Wildlife crime is sweeping the planet. The illegal trafficking of wildlife is now one of the world’s largest criminal industries, with repeated links to terrorism networks. 

High Target Species such as elephant and rhino are being hunted to extinction. These animals are the most difficult to protect, as poachers go to the most extreme lengths to kill them. Safeguarding these animals is essential for the sustainability of Farms and Parks across Africa, India, Asia and South America alike. Anti-Poaching rangers form the first and last line of defense for nature.

Without the right training, equipment, management and support they cannot defend the World’s natural heritage for future generations. Poaching is one of the single biggest black market issues across Africa, India, Asia and South America, the illegal trade in wildlife is on the top of the world agenda with very real fears that if not apposed poaching will mean the very real threat of extinction to many more species and a further increase and risk to land owners livelihood and personal safety / security.

We along with our strategic in Country partners (ISTQ, Marsec and Black Knight Security) provide both operational support and specialist training, servicing our clients so as to meet their requirements.

Our Overseas offices are located in; South Africa, Namibia and Guinea.

Our Professional training packages include;

Anti-poaching, Predator control, International Close Protection Training, International Security Guarding Training, International First Responder First Aid, Firearms awareness and handling / tactical shooting, Maritime Security Officer, Travel awareness, Anti-ambush drills, Anti-surveillance, Defense against edged weapons and other bespoke training courses to suit the requirements of our clients.

We are also able to offer other professional services including Maritime Security, Surveillance and Investigation, Close Protection Operations, Armed Guarding Services and other specialist training services.


Maritime Security, training and operations in direct partnership with Marsec in Capetown South Africa.

Providing our clients with trained operational maritime operators, providing their vessels with the confidence that their safety and security is maintained to the highest possible standards. 


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